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Premium Grey Dally Wrap

Premium Grey Dally Wrap

  • 2000

Horse-Craft Dally Wraps are a necessity for any roper. We have developed a cutting edge dally wrap currently being used by Rodeo World Champions, and cowboys nationwide. These wraps help prevent your rope from running on the saddle horn and saves your rope from the rubber build-up which allow's for a longer rope life. 
Width: 1" x 9"
Color:  Grey
10 wraps per package

1.  Have a good base of cotton or nylon strands wrapped around the saddle horn, before applying the rubber. (Leave some old inner tube at base, if cotton or old nylon strands are not available to build a foundation).
2.  Starting with 5 straps, wrap the rubber, flat at the bottom of the saddle horn as you would have done with the inner tube rubber. Keeping the twist of the wrap to the back of the saddle horn.

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